While at the Scott-Carvers Old Threshers event on the outskirts of Jordan, MN, I came across a country school that had been moved on site and preserved down to the chalkboards, desks and books.  I was interesting to walk through and think about what it would be like to attend a school like this.

All grades were taught together by the same teacher.  Class size was in most cases less than a single section of a grade today.  It must have been quite a learning environment.  If you were bright, you didn’t have to wait, you could listen in on the teachings of the older children.

In the photo below, you’ll see a man, who much like myself, thought the school looked interesting and stepped inside for a closer look.

What the man didn’t realize until he got to looking at the rosters from years past that this was the very same school that he, his eleven siblings and father had attended.  It was quite a “homecoming” for him as he took it all in.

Bieder School, District 37. A former student looks at his desk.