Last summer in Iowa, I  passed through the town of Stanton and was able to take a few moments to get some photos.

One building in particular caught my eye.  It’s an old school that is now a Swedish Cultural Center.   It was not open the day I was there so I don’t have any detailed info or photos of the inside, but it is quite a building nonetheless.   I’m planning a trip back to the area this coming summer and will make it a point to stop and visit.  Also I want to shoot some  shots of the coffee pot water tower.

“The Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center is the oldest public building in Montgomery County still in use.  The building, known as “Old Main” school, now houses a wide variety of historical and cultural items, genealogy records, a gift shop and new exhibits each year.”  Stanton is also the birth place of Hollywood’s Virginia Christine, the “Mrs. Olsen” on Folgers Coffee television commercials.


You can see the emergency exit tube from the second floor.  I would have to say that as a student, that would have been a lot of fun to use for practice.