A few months ago in the grips of cabin fever, I lashed out in a fit of defiance, and took a day off of work when the sun took occasion to shine.  As I’m wont to do, I got in the car and drove the country roads.  Sometimes the less idea I have of where I’m going the better.  Like most times, this technique paid off.

I came upon a wonderful country church and cemetery.  I didn’t’ realize at the time of taking the photos there is a great story behind the church.

St John's Chapel

Budejovice Chruch,  Montgomery, Minn

I Am The Way, Truth And Life - John XIV 6

I Am The Way, Truth And Life – John XIV 6

“Built in 1868 by Czech settlers who later moved to a bigger parish in Montgomery, the Budejovice Church had not been home to a congregation in more than a century.”.  The church was adopted by a caretaker and restored.  My words would only come up short, so watch the video.

Since the video it would appear the church has had the siding replaced, received a new roof and is having the steeple worked on and looks as in the photo below which is a similar angle to some of the shots in the video.

Budejovice Church, Montgomery, Minn

Budejovice Church, Montgomery, Minn

I couldn’t find any details about the new work.