We’re starting to get some fall color here in Carver County.  Due to the wet spring there are still a lot of soybeans that are a ways out and there is corn that looks much further along.  Lots of variation this year in different parts of the state and from field to field.

Rural landscape with rolling hills of soybeans and a slough bottom show promise of a good harvest and good hunting.

Rural landscape Carver County 2019

Carver county farm with twin silos cornfield foreground

Twin silos on farm in Carver County 2019

Hilltop View Carver County. County Road and soybean fields and rolling hills studded with trees can be seen.

Hilltop View Carver County 2019

Twin Harvestore silos in the backdrop of a corn field. The corn in the foreground looks like a bountiful harvest may indeed fill the silos

Corn getting ready for harvest, Carver County 2019